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LFX Water Solutions is a proud installer of AquaKlear Filtration Systems, unparalleled in terms of technology, and efficiency, among other leading brands. AquaKlear Systems are found in 1000’s of homes through out Idaho, and once you work with us, I think you will understand why. Our systems are designed, engineered, and a majority of our products are assembled right here in Meridian, ID.
As a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), we’re committed to conducting ourselves with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, all while providing the public with quality water.

Our Story

LFX Water Solutions is built from nearly 2 decades of water quality and filtration right here in Idaho. In 2004, our founder, Brandon Cobb, upon graduating high school, stepped into his first endeavor, starting a small company in McCall, ID. McCall Spa Company was born. That company grew to service and maintained over 250 hot tubs and pools per week, and completing over 100 installation projects per year. Our biggest hurdle, to creating happy clients, was providing excellent water quality for their pools and spas, which is difficult in an area highly prone to water impurities laden with hard minerals and metals including iron, manganese, and other issues including bacteria and hydrogen sulfide. This led him, and his father, entrepreneur and engineer, Darrell Cobb, to develop and design water filtration systems specific to individualized issues in the McCall area.
Fast forward to 2011.  McCall Spa Company is sold, and Brandon is on to his next endeavor.  This time, with a new vision, creating what has become one of Idaho’s largest pool and spa contractor and service companies, Liquid FX Pool & Spa.  Constructing hundreds of Idaho’s most recognized pool and backyard living spaces in Central & Southern Idaho, but recognized by their designs and innovations on a national level.  Once again, to keep clients happy, these beautiful pools and spas need high quality water to keep them looking beautiful and performing on an optimal level week after week.  This is where LFX Water Solutions is born.  LFX Water Solutions understands there is more than a need for clean, clear, soft and filtered water.  There is a crisis in our local towns, cities, and on a national level in the quality of water we are receiving for our consumption, whether that is from a well or city source.  Each year more lead, arsenic, forever chemicals including pfas, and pfos, and other dangerous contaminants are detected in our water supplies, and truly has a profound impact on the quality and health of each and every one of us. 

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